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Shanghai Jiguang industry and trade Ltd. is a professional engaged in a variety of specialty paper processing and and each kind of organosilicon product import-export trade's Private enterprise. To the minute cutting, rewinding, lamination, coated silicon, compound, printing and other paper processing, the main products are all kinds of laminate paper, release paper/film, silicone coated paper/film, coated silicon, glassine paper, moisture-proof paper, greaseproof paper, waterproof paper, inadhesion paper, food barbecue and baking paper, medical release paper, food paper care, trade marks at the end of paper. Our company is located in Shanghai ' s Jading High-tech Park , transportation convenient; our products sell well throughout the country. The company has large-scale coating equipment, laminating equipment, slitting equipment, and printing equipment, since it was launched 10 years, has been engaged in laminate paper, release paper (various substrates), from the film have already established long-term stability and good relations of cooperation.

Glassine Paper
26g gelaxin silicon release paper reflects the company of high-tech production process

Release Materials And Adhesive

Release materials in the application of adhesive industry is not just only for self-adhesive (or PSA) in the production and application in the production of other adhesives, we also can not be separated from the type material applications, such as the right of epoxy resin rubber, sealants, and gelatin and so on. From the type of materials and adhesives is like a spear and shield of the relationship, inseparable, where there are places where the use of adhesive will use the off-type material. In addition, some materials and production processes will also appear viscous, need to avoid them from the type material adhesion with other materials such as rubber, plastics and ceramics production process can not be separated from the release paper or film.

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Release Paper And Film

   Release paper and release film also known as segregation and isolation film or anti-sticking paper and anti-mucous membrane, but also can be said silicone oil silicone oil paper and film pressure-sensitive adhesive products is the production of a class of important material, but also the food industry greaseproof paper , baking paper industry in the moisture-proof paper, moisture-proof membrane. Pressure-sensitive adhesive sticky labels, paste adhesive tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive double-sided sticky tape, glue and other adhesive wallpaper category such as pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet products, by pressure-sensitive adhesive, East substrate, and anti-sticking paper or anti-mucous membrane composition. Anti-sticking paper and anti-mucous membrane in these pressure-sensitive adhesive products in the main role is to protect the pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on the substrate layer to prevent contamination or stick to other objects or stick with each other after the loss of value layer. Therefore we can say there is no anti-sticking paper (film), these pressure-sensitive adhesive products can not be produced and developed. Moreover, in many pressure-sensitive adhesive products production, to adopt the transfer coating process, first in the anti-sticking adhesive coated paper, drying and then combined with the substrate and transferred to the substrate. At this time anti-sticking paper is also indispensable material.More see the ‘technical knowledge'

Release Paper (film), silicon-coated paper (film), coated paper applications

COATED PAPER: The melting of the PE plastic film evenly coated on the paper surface, the formation of laminate paper, also known as PE paper or coated paper Compared to ordinary paper which has a waterproof and anti-oil, and mainly used in applications made into food cartons, paper cups and paper bags can also be used as an industrial waterproof paper.

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Silicon coated paper (film): Silicone oil has the incompatibility of the physical properties of silicon-coated silicone coating is to roll into the other materials in the surface, forming a layer of silicone oil layer, called the silicone paper (film), so as to achieve non-stick , anti-oil effect the production of greaseproof paper, anti-sticking paper, anti-mucous membrane of the main material.

Release Paper: In the coated paper or in a few of high-density silicon coated paper, may use as an anti-sticking material. Is mainly used in adhesive industry, where the use of glue must use an anti-adhesive material.

How to divide the release paper/film and coated paper ?

From the exterior view, coated paper compare with the release paper that the same standardand which silicon coated is not difference, coated silicon and ordinary thin film are difficult to recognize . But you only need a few simple tools and actions to solve the problem. Like a section of tape, a signature foundailn pen, coupled with a small hand -Sizhitest ......More>>>

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